Cutting-Edge Technical Day

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September 29, 2018

Cutting-Edge Technical Day

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A representative of Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology will open the conference.

Why are we here today, the cutting-edge technical day?

Sexy Design a processing Big Data System Agenda

1. Overview
- Why data is big in systems?
- Limitations in relational database
- Requirements in business
- Questions to open discussion
2. System Design
2.1 Overview about building big data system
2.2. Design Architecture the Big Data Solution
a. Data Source
b. ETL
c. Data Storage
d. Data Processing
e. Data Visualization
3. Data Analtic
- Pivot by Excel and limitations
- iPython
- BI Tool (ex: Kylin)
4. Control Access to Data System
- How to limit access to big data system
- How to hash confidential information
- How to non technical members to extract raw data
5. Q&A

AI For Automation

  • What AI?
  • What Machine learning?
  • Why AI for Automation?
  • A specific tool use those techniques?
  • Why I choose this tool to demo?
  • Why it will be better than current tools?


Sexy Angular Stack

We live in a wondrous era, the explosion of the Front-end world. Building "Single Page App" os trendy and considered as a modern web development practice. In this session, you will get the chance to be shared about practical experience on building S.P.A using high-tech Angular stack with outstanding quality, brilliant performance and high scalability.

Tea break: 15’

CI/CD pipeline with VSTS

Building a CI/CD pipeline is a challenge tasks for developers Doing many configuration and managing build scripts and environments always messy and take too much time. Especially in Cloud era, integrate and migrate your system to cloud are works that only assign for senior developer or strong Devops developer who well understand the infrastructure and interaction between systems. VSTS is an end to end solution that help a every developer can make himself a CI/CD pipeline with fully support for development, deployment, testing, release process and easily integrate with cloud services, especially Azure Cloud a fast growing services at present. Let's try!

Machine Learning and Deep Learning are so fun

  • Why We need to know about ML and DL.
  • How to choose the right algorithm.
  • How We can apply ML & DL in your project/industry 4.0.
  • The next generation of combine Deep Learning && AI.

Conference Summary

How to develop applications on Ethereum

You want to understand how blockchain work? You want to getting start with developing blockchain applications? This talk is here for you. We will walk you through important concepts of blockchain, how it works, and step-by-step guide to develop, deploy and test an application built on Ethereum.

Appium: Mobile Automation Testing Made Awesome

As you know, the mobile landscape is growing rapidly and changing every day. Today, most people have a mobile phone at least, we work on mobile devices anytime and anywhere. In order to catch this trend, more and more applications have developed on mobile. The pressure to get mobile apps built, tested, and deployed has never been greater. It illustrates the importance of solid mobile testing to ensure we build high-quality apps today. Appium is built on the idea that testing native apps shouldn't require including an SDK or recompiling your app. And that you should be able to use your preferred test practices, frameworks, and tools. Appium aims to automate any mobile app from any language and any test framework, with full access to back-end APIs and DBs from test code. Write tests with your favorite dev tools using all the above programming languages, and probably more (with the Selenium WebDriver API and language-specific client libraries). What an awesome tool!


Sexy qTest and Automation Tools to Apply For Full Stack Tester

qTest is one of the best test management tool which is created and developed by Viet Nam team. It provides many great features that bring many values to client and customer such: automation integration, external system integration, ... It would help fullstack tester to manage test data, schedule, kick off tests, collect results and update it automatically in test management tool. With this talk, it shares you these knowledge in that tool and these benefits bring you.

Tea break: 15’

Sexy Using Cucumber - BDD in your project

When developing the software, the gaps always exist in terms of what a stakeholder needs and what gets delivered. And, we will need to work on closing the gap as much as possible. But how to solve this gaps? One way is for engineering and business teams to collaborate on a common language and have a suite of automated tests that when run, do what the stakeholder wants. So, in this session, we will lean on how to use Cucumber to collaborate between engineering and business team to your project.




  • Somotsoft
Developers & Testers
Business Partners


Duong Pham

Duong Pham

QA Architect, KMS
She is very passionate about the software and product development and aim to do whatever within her capacity to be a part of it. She would like to share stories of successful projects. She loves working in the IT markets because She enjoys being a part of a key growth engine for the world.
Cuong Truong

Cuong Truong

Frontend Architect
Full-stack developer of experienced in building and delivering high quality web applications with excellent working attitude, high quality deliverable, collaboration, knowledge sharing, issue analysis, leadership, problem solving… Public speaker major in Front-end talks at communities like TechEXPO Vietnamworks, Techcamp, Barcamp, TechCon
Ba Pham

Ba Pham

Full Stack Developer
- Full stack developer who doesn't know what is Back-end, Front-end and DevOps. - Experienced in many technology stack .NET, Front-End, Ruby on Rails, AWS, Azure. - Worked with clients across US, AUS, Europe, Japan in many interested business domain & complex systems.
Tuyet Ngo

Tuyet Ngo

Full Stack Tester
Full Stack Tester She worked more than 3 years in outsourcing projects on automation testing Web service and Web UI with Selenium Webdriver, BDD, Cucumber, and Restful API using Java, Ruby language. In addition, she has more than 1.5 years working in mobile testing service on both iOS and Android real devices using Appium, WebdriverIO, and Mocha on Javascript language
Vu Nguyen

Vu Nguyen

Senior Automation Engineer, Titan Technology Corporation
Over 8 years experienced in Software Testing with 6 years experienced in Automation Testing. Specially, he isalways passionate in Automation Testing. - Design Framework Testing: Data Driven Framework, Keyword Driven Framework, Hybrid Driven Framework.
Trung Lu

Trung Lu

Senior Automation Engineer, KMS Technology
She worked more than 5 years in outsourcing companies with automation testing position Application and Web UI with Silk Test, QTP, Selenium Webdriver, Katalon using Java language. In addition, She has built framework for project about application.
Thien Nguyen

Thien Nguyen

Microsoft MVP, Engineering Manager at NashTech
Microsoft MVP, Engineering Manager at NashTech. His main job is to support developers develop their technical skills. Besides that, he is also an open source contributor, his open source project [SimplCommerce]( is very popular in GitHub. Experienced in .NET Core, Azure and Blockchain, he is a favorite speaker at community events such as Vietnam Web Summit, .NET Saigon meetup, DEV Cafe and he has conducted several blockchain courses.
Phuong Huynh

Phuong Huynh

Big Data Developer, VNG
Experienced of building big data system from collect, extract, storage to aggregate, analytic and data visualize. Like troubleshooting problems in data issues and deep in data dimensions to provide useful information for business and system improvement.
Toan Dang

Toan Dang

Technical Architect, NashTech Global
Technical Architect, NashTech Global With more than 15 years of experience in providing Database solutions for big corporations. He has gained a rich experience in various business domains in Game, Media and Social Marketing, Computer Vision, etc. using various solutions with real time processing, high availability and scale out. He plays an important role in providing strategic solutions to various project teams as well as to contribute significantly in building the Database, Data Warehouse, BI, Big Data and Machine Learning/Deep Learning system. He does have a big interest in Big Data Analytics, Real time processing, High Availability, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.


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